Discover Mantium 

The new generation of Cardano Wallet

A beautiful safe for your NFTs

Mantium has been designed to display your NFT collections in the most beautiful way, respecting their original format.  Images, Photos & Videos are supported by the Wallet.  

Track the value of each of your NFTs in real time.

Author, Description, Properties, Policy ID, find all the info about your favorite NFTs. 

With or without a network, your entire collection of NFTs will accompany you everywhere in your pocket.

Transactions analysis and DApps identification

Mantium analyzes your transactions in real time, and determines if it is a send, a receive, NFT Mint, a staking gain.

MinSwap, WingRiders, Mantium Wallet recognizes more than 50 addresses associated with DApps or smart contracts on the Cardano blockchain.

View the Assets: Tokens & NFTs, associated to a transaction.

Your Wallets, Your Tokens, Your NFTs

15, 18 or 24 words you choose the security level of your Wallet.

Create as many accounts as you want, either on the TestNet or the MainNet.

Import even the largest accounts* in less than a minute.
Switch from one account to another in a second. 

*Tests performed on Wallets with more than 5000 transactions and 1000 NFTs

Mantium is a non-custodial wallet, developed 100% in native language.

Mantium combines the latest Apple development standards with a set of security systems for your data: 

- OAuth V2, 

- Secure keychain access, 

- Local data encryption, 

- Biometric authentication,

- End-to-end encrypted exchanges.

What happens in your Wallet stays in your Wallet

Buying, sending, receiving,  has never been so easy.

Address entry, QRCode scanning, Ada-Handle, Mantium gives you the choice to send Tokens and NFTs.

Be notified, follow in real time the status of your transactions in the BlockChain.

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